Who We Are
Local 512 of the Office of Professional Employees International Union, (OPEIU) is comprised of people from many different work areas and walks of life, all seeking the same results.  Fair and equitable treatment from our employers.  

Local 512 is part of a collective of different Locals that make up Office of Professional Employees International Union.  This affords Local 512 of the force of over 100,000 members strong.  All fighting the same fight.  There is a great strength in numbers, and being part of the larger collective affords us the opportunity to have our concerns heard on a much higher than local level.  

Being a member of OPEIU, on a larger scale gives us the support of the every day worker just trying to make a living to the support of helicopter pilots, doctors, nurses, taxi drivers, union employees, teachers, lawyers, county and state employees, and many others around the entire North American continent. 

Local 512 represents  CEI/CMH Community Mental Health Supervisors Unit, CEI/CMH Psychiatrist, Ingham Intermediate School District, UAW Ford Training Center, UAW Chrysler Training Unit, UAW Retirement Board, Ingham County Road Commission Supervisors Unit, and Ingham County Clerical Unit. 

Aaron E. Sanders, President Local 512