2020 Democrats Try to Woo Back Trump’s Union Voters

LAWRENCE, Massachusetts—Against the faded brick facade of the Everett Mill, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) officially began her presidential bid this past weekend. And she did so by looking backwards. 

Warren told a story of collective action, of workers uniting behind common goals and bridging language and ethnicity barriers for the sake of fair wages, overtime pay, and the right to join a union. She spoke at the site of the famous “Bread and Roses” strike, which was led by textile workers on a cold January day in 1912 and stretched into March. Addressing a crowd of 3,500 on a blustery day where the wind occasionally rattled a large American flag draped over rusting metal, the senator drew parallels from that moment to the one confronting the country currently.

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Elections 2019

Local 512 New Elections in 2019

OPEIU Local 512 will be holding elections in 2019 for the local's board.  There are many positions that need to be filled.  The Board is always interested in new people to fill the seats of the Board, and to hear new ideas to better the running of the Board, and the Local as a whole.  If you are interested in running for a position, there is one big hurdle you must jump, you must be a dues paying member of OPEIU Local 512 for a year.  

Information will be posted as to when the election will be held, and who to contact if you are interested in running for a position.

OPEIU Erie Conference

Conference held May 3-6

OPEIU International held Erie Training Conference May 3 - 6, 2017.  Training centered on Lobbying the senate and congress.

Local 512 Meeting

Quarterly Board Meeting